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48 Days Online Seminar

Do you love your work? Do you think it’s possible? You’re about to find out with the 48 Days to the Work You Love Online Seminar with Dan Miller. This time-tested strategy has helped thousands find or create work they love. Now, you can learn it from the author who made it one of the most trusted career resources on the market.


Mastermind Masterclass

Dan Miller shares his secrets for developing your own mastermind in this masterclass — from the why to the how and everything in between. This course includes seven how-to videos, a recommended reading list and questions to get your mastermind started PLUS a step-by-step guide so you can follow along to get your mastermind started immediately.


Coaching Mastery Program

To be successful as a coach, you need to learn both the dynamics of coaching and the principles of business. Coaching Mastery gives you the exact steps & accountability to make your dream to become a successful coach a reality — you will be making money before you even finish this six-month program!


Starting an Online Business Mini-Course

A Three-Part Video Series (each 48-minutes long) combined with a 15-page guide to help you answer the 3 main questions entrepreneurs ask when starting a business: What if I fail, How do I find the time, What product do I sell?


Coaching 101

If you are truly serious about being a coach, our best option is the Coaching Mastery Program. If, however, you want to just look at the core “nuts and bolts” of coaching first, our Coaching 101 Program is a great start. (If you choose to go through the Mastery Program later on, we’ll deduct the cost of Coaching 101 from the application!)


Coaching With Excellence

Looking for a starter course on coaching? Dan Miller and his daughter Ashley Logsdon help you answer some key questions you may be having about becoming a coach, including whether or not coaching is for you and if you can really make money coaching.


48 Days Eagles Community

Membership in this growing community, provides you with weekly learning in our Monday Mentor Training Calls along with a full Training Library of Resources and one of the most active Facebook Groups around to help you network, all designed to help you create a new career path, start or grow your business or become a coach.

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