An Online Community To Help You Put Wings On Your Dream


- Clarify the Unique Dream That's Inside You
- Develop Your Dream Activation Plan
- Get the Resources and Support You Need To Bring Your Dream to Life


Dan Miller's 48 Days Eagles Community helps driven, smart, creative individuals like you who are willing to take action to break free from monotony, find your true purpose, and create not only work, but a full life you thrive in.



you're not sure if it's even feasible or how to get started

you're yearning for some support or encouragement

you know you need some real accountability to keep you moving forward


If so, the 48 Days Eagles Community will give you the resources and support you need to:
Build that business
Buy that dream house
Go on that dream trip
Start an organization that will make a difference in your community
Write that book



We start you with a checklist to ensure you know how to navigate the community and get you engaged with the group right away, including a check-in from our Welcome Wing team.


This course is your "Dream Incubation Station" where we help you percolate on your dream and then put legs on it, defining action steps to help you accomplish your goals.


This is where the magic happens. As we meet each other virtually and at our in-person events, your wealth of connection expands with fellow Eagles, and we create a synergy around our dreams that truly fosters excitement and a growth mindset.

So we've developed a Success Path — well actually a Flightpath — that will help you develop those 3 things

4 Steps, 15 Modules to walk you step-by-step through the process

Starting at $48/month

2 Options To Choose From:

Are you ready to live out your true purpose and build a business that not only makes you money but allows you to live the life you want to live?




For entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and executives who want to go deeper and soar higher with like-minded people in a mastermind setting.

• All the benefits of being an Eagles Member

• Weekly Small Group Calls

• A Close-Knit Small Online Group of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs and Professionals

• A Full Subscription To BizableTV for Inspiration from Other Business Leaders

• A Full Subscription To Masterclass for Continued Learning

• Discounted Virtual Assistant Services

• A Free Ticket to BOTH of our 48 Days Eagles Events Each Year

• A Fun Eagles Elite Package of Goodies, Hand Picked by Dan Miller

• Our Flagship 48 Days Courses: The Discovering You Course, The Find Your Focus Bundle, The 48 Days Online Seminar

• A Free 48 Days Personality Profile





For driven, smart, creative people who want to take action to break free from monotony, find your true purpose, and create not only work, but a full life you thrive in.

• Start/Grow your business under the influence/guidance of Dan Miller

• Weekly Monday Mentor Lift-Off Calls

• Access To Our Mighty Networks Online Community

• Our Complete Online Library

• Weekly Live Eagle Hours for Group Discussions

• Access To OUr 48 Days Deans

• Exclusive Eagles Podcast

• Eagles Discounts

• Eagles Nests 3 times/year

• Eagles Hotline

• Regular Eagles Book Studies


The 48 Days Eagles is a community you can connect with that will cheer you along the way as you build the life you love.

We believe that every person has unique talents and abilities that, when meshed with your values, dreams and passions can allow you to have a purpose, make a profit and love your life.

We have seen time and time again that if someone has the right idea, the right mindset and the right network, they can build a profitable business and a meaningful life at the same time.



You need a community full of like-minded people who are taking action and building their dreams, many of whom are just a few steps ahead of you and others who are “soaring” in their businesses who will answer your questions, bounce ideas with you and cheer you on.Going it alone can leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. If you’re ready to succeed in business AND in life, join us.

Here's what you get when you join 48 Days Eagles:

Dan is very active in the Online Mighty Network Community, answering questions, sharing ideas and offering feedback. It's like having your own mini-coaching session with Dan

4 Steps, 15 Modules to walk you step-by-step through the process of finding or creating work and a life you love.

Monday Mentor Lift-Off Calls give you direct guidance from outside experts as well as other Eagles who have successfully applied these formulas. You can watch them live or catch them on replay. In fact, you have access to our full library of over 100 Monday Mentor Calls (with more added each week).

Experts like:

• Jim Cockrum - Selling on Amazon

• Pat Flynn - Superfans

• Jeff Goins - Real Artists Don't Starve

• Ruth Soukup - Do It Scared

• Patrick McGinnis - The 10% Entrepreneur

• Kris Kulver - Solopreneur

• Kevin Miller. -The Zig Ziglar Podcast

and more!

In this private online community, you can ask questions, share ideas and celebrate wins. This is the heartbeat of this community. It's like having hundreds of coaches, mentors and supporters to share life with.

20+ digital resources, including how to start a business with 15 hours per week, Dan's "Who Are You and Why Are You Here" audio training, 48 Low or No Cost Business Ideas, Write To the Bank, Podcasting resources and more.

Our Eagles Deans, Coaches and Team Members host Live Eagle Hours ieach Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm CT so that you can ask your specific questions and get direct answers and guidance.

We have Deans in 7 different areas, each who run successful businesses of their own and can offer guidance on mindset, marketing, productivity/time management, finding your passion and more.

All 48 Days Eagles have access to an exclusive Eagles Podcast so you can listen to Monday Mentor and other trainings while you're driving, working out or doing chores.

Get discounts on a variety of online courses and resources to help you zone in on your own business niche, including discounted coaching with Dan Miller and the 48 Days Personality Expert Ashley Logsdon, John Ruhlin's Giftology Course, Discounts on contracts for entrepreneuers, and more.

Small, focused groups can help you connect with other members in a key area of interest, get you on a clear path of what to do next, and be a catalyst for more connection and engagement in the larger community as well.

An "Eagle's Nest" is just that. A focused micro-group of Eagles who commit to a month-long dive into their topic of choice. 

These sessions meet 4 times during a month, typically for an hour. 

Eagle's Nests are offered to active Eagles as part of their membership.

We are kicking off our next round of Eagles Nests on June 1, 2023.

Have a question? Want to share your idea for feedback? Just need someone to talk to? Our 48 Days Eagles Hotline is available for Eagles to call and talk to a real person!

We have worked with fellow Eagle Paul Klein, Co-Founder and Producer of BizableTV, to bring our Eagles Members a specially curated list of Bizable Content, Stories To Fuel Your Dreams.

Paul and Dan Miller have hand-picked a GREAT list of interviews for you that we think will help you as you are finding or creating work and a life you love.

And it's FREE as part of your 48 Days Eagles Membership.

In addition to regular training sessions with Dan Miller, 48 Days Eagles has hosted Monday Mentor Training Sessions like:

Members get instant access to these training sessions in our Training Library

Deb Ingino

Leading With Your Strengths

Ryan Reger

Starting Your Amazon Business

Jesse Cole

Making Your Business Stand Out

Jim Cockrum

Building An Online Business

Darryl Lyons

Planning for Retirement

Scott Beebe

Becoming a Coach

Leslie Samuel

Starting a Blog

Jane Atkinson

Becoming a Speaker

Ruth Soukup

Managing Your Fear

Kary Oberbrunner

Finding Clarity

Dr. Randy James

Building Optimal Health

Jared Angaza

Branding Your Business

Jeff Goins

Real Artists Don't Starve

Kevin Miller


Kris Kulver


Tommy Breedlove


Pat Flynn

How To Develop Superfans

Patrick McGinnis

The 10% Entrepreneur

Pierce Marrs

Surviving Shark Tank

Scott Stearman

Following Your Passion

Meet the 48 Days Team

In addition to our Member Success Team, we have Deans in 7 different areas, each who run successful businesses of their own and can offer guidance on mindset, marketing, productivity/time management, finding your passion and more.

Dan Miller

Creative Thinker

Ashley Logsdon

Member Experience Director/ Dean of Family and Relationships

Sheila Davis

Marketing and Member Success Manager


Elizabeth Fisher

Member Support

Greg Gray

Dean of Business

Marianne Renner

Dean of Mindset

Nick Pavlidis

Dean of Writing

Jevonnah Ellison

Dean of Coaching

Jen McDonough

Dean of Speaking

Erik Johnson

Dean of Podcasting

We believe you have greatness in you just waiting to make a difference in this world. We think you believe that too.

What Our Eagles Have To Say:

Mark Ross, Coach and Consultant

"I love being part of this community. It is full of like-minded people who are moving through transitions and doing new things. Some are full-time entrepreneurs. Some are want-to-be entrepreneurs. Some are right in the middle This is such a tremendous opportunity to get the help you need. I can's say enough about what this group has done for me and my business.


Getting feedback like this lights us up:

"When I started here, I didn't have confidence in the work I was doing, I was struggling to "survive". But I decided to jump in feet first with no safety line. Similarly, I did that with my work too. The relationships built, the feedback received, the people who've allowed me to speak into their lives has been transformative. "

Dan Woerheide

"The Eagles Community has energized me to a whole new level. It put me on a path to systematize my travel agency business so it runs really without me, so I can do more of the work I love in helping other people find their true passion."

Chris Niemeyer

"Before I found 48 Days Eagles, I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Anyone who is an entrepreneur who isn't satisfied with where they are in life should try 48 Days Eagles. They have shown me how to help people and make money in the process - a win/win."

Matt Woodrum

"Not only have I built a business, but I have also grown as a person. Neither of those things would have happened had it not been for this wonderful community that welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to soak up the wisdom, knowledge, and experience available."

Colleen Law

"The knowledge and resources in the 48 Days Eagles community are invaluable for anyone who is looking to finally take purposeful action toward their goals. I have learned so much through the numerous trainings, mentor calls, courses, and office hours available to all members each and every week. But the most influential thing for me has been the people and staff in the community. When I had all given up hope on my future, they took me in. Despite never meeting me or knowing who I was, they already hadn't given up on me and refused to let me continue to. Making the decision to join, choosing to get involved, building authentic relationships, and leaning in on the resources here has changed the trajectory of my life forever. Thank you Dan for this community of dreamers and believers who are building a new world of freedom and prosperity through a purposefully driven life."

Lauren Huff

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following then you are in a perfect position to build your business and your life.

  • You are a self starter who makes things happen.

  • You desire to enjoy what you do. Monetary rewards just aren’t enough. You are looking for a sense of meaning and satisfaction.

  • You have a job but are looking to start something on the side

  • You think making a lot of money is an honorable and Godly endeavor.

  • You’ve been reading self-help books and listening to podcasts for 10 years.

48 Days Eagles Believe In the Power of Creativity, Mindset and Community Support.

We reject the myth that to be successful an entrepreneur has to work long hours and give up family time — or that you have to quit your J.O.B., start from scratch, and scrape together a business.

We are committed to stimulating creative ideas and acting on those ideas to provide value in the world.

We work hard to cultivate a strong community by answering each other’s questions, sharing resources and celebrating our wins.



Eagles love to find each other while they're on the road or at conferences, etc. and share our meet ups in our online community!

The 48 Days Eagles Community is for you if:

  • You're employed and very successful — on the outside but secretly you're starting to get tired of the grind and would love to start something new.

  • You have dreams of being your own boss — but feel terrified of giving up the security of your paycheck.

  • You're not sure where to start. It all seems so complicated.




It's decision time...

At this point, there are two trails you can choose to walk down:

1. Keep dreaming and going about life the way you’ve always done.

But you know what they call doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? INSANITY

2. Make the investment in yourself and your dream to live out your purpose.

Get the training and encouragement you need, a simple path for your calling and a community who'll be there for you the whole way.

Make the right choice.


 Starting at $48/month


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