48 Days Online Seminar

This proven online course, led by New York Times best selling author Dan Miller will give you the plan and process to discover your dreams and passions and make them happen by finding or creating work you love.


Are you one of the 84% of American workers who plan to look for a new job in the next 12 months?

Why are people so unhappy in their work? Are the jobs really that bad or is there something else at the heart of the matter? Dan Miller will help you understand who you are so you can match your skills and abilities to multiple jobs. Maybe you are interested in starting your own business or monetizing a hobby. Dan will help you make the right decision.

This course isn’t a magic formula; it requires you to do the work. When you follow the steps, you will find work that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable.

Find Your Gifts

What if all it did was allow you to know how God has uniquely gifted you so you could change jobs to something that is at least a better fit. Would it be worth it?

Is a Side Biz For You?

What if all it did was show you how to develop a little side business What if you move into the 10% Entrepreneur category and add $29,000 in five months. Would it be worth it?

Invest In Yourself

I encourage people to invest 5% of their income in themselves. I've never experienced any other financial model with a more predictable 10x return than investing in myself.

What You Get:

This course features 48 brand new video lessons from Dan Miller and includes your very own copy of the 48 Days To the Work You Love Partcipant Kit with everything you need to unlock who you are and how to position yourself for your greatest success. You'll receive:

  • 48 brand video lessons from Dan Miller ($697 value)
  • Your very own copy of the 48 Days to the Work You Love Participant Kit. The kit contains everything you need to unlock who you are and how to position yourself for your greatest success.
  • An autographed hardback copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of 48 Days To the Work (and Life) You Love plus 2 bonus audios ($20 value)
  • The 260-page Application Guide ($197 value)
  • A digital copy of Rudder of the Day ($14 value)
  • Access to your 35-page online personalized 48 Days Personality Profile ($28.50 value)

Risk Free Guarantee

"I know what an important decision this is for you, and it's not something I want you to take lightly. I want to do my part by removing as much risk and uncertainty as I can for you. That's why we offer a risk free, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Not 48 -- we'll give you almost two additional weeks for extra margin. We'll see you as you move along the material. We'll see when you get through the first six lessons. Even if you do nothing beyond that and feel like you did not get the value to dramatically change your life, just send us an e-mail to [email protected], and we'll give you a full refund.

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