Eagles Monday Mentor Line Up

January 2023

Dan Miller & Ashley Logsdon

Dan Miller and Ashley Logsdon will be helping us start off the new year well. They will be sharing about how to approach our goals this year with intention and grace.

Marianne Renner

Marianne Renner is our 48 Days Dean of Mindset, and a coach and speaker who helps business leaders become all they were meant to be in their businesses and lives. She will be sharing about having the right mindset.

Gregory Gray

Gregory Gray is our 48 Days Dean of Business, a high performance coach and the CEO of Gray Solutions, LLC, providing education, inspiration and implementation to business owners and their teams. He will be sharing about how to prepare your business for the next year.

Nick Pavlidis

Nick Pavlidis is the Founder and CEO at Authority Ghostwriting and Ghostwriter School. He’s personally ghostwritten many books and now helps others enter the wonderful world of ghostwriting! He will be sharing about how to leverage a book into a six-figure business.

All Access Call

During this All Access Call, we will all be together on the call and able to share with one another. You can join in the conversation to ask questions, share wins, and get feedback from other Eagles. We'll also be announcing the recipients of the Eagles Awards.

February 2023

Jen McDonough

Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) works with high-stress organizations to cultivate resilient team members who can walk through any fire. She will be sharing about 5 ways to drive your revenue streams using speaking.

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders is the co-founder of EntrePastors. He is the co-host of the EntrePastors Podcast and co-leader of the EntrePastors membership community. He will be sharing about combining business and ministry. 

Dan Miller

We will be watching the TED Talk, "100 Days of Rejection" together. Dan Miller will be discussing some key takeaways and application steps from this presentation.

Katie Hornor

Katie Hornor is an experienced speaker, best-selling author and expat entrepreneur who has inspired millions of people with her books, programs and top 2% global podcast. She will be sharing about the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. 

March 2023

Dan Miller & Melissa Goff

Dan Miller and Melissa Goff will be showcasing the books of the year. They'll also be discussing how to best take notes and other ways to get more from what you read.

Justin Janowski

Justin Janowski helps coaches build or optimize their business models, pricing, and sales strategies so that they can scale their income and their impact. He will be sharing about how to sell with firm compassion.

Jevonnah Ellison

Jevonnah Ellison is the Dean of Coaching for 48 Days Eagles. Her focus is pointing you in the right direction so that you can have a thriving, profitable coaching business. She will be sharing an entrepreneur success journey.

Dan Miller

We will be watching the video, "Habits of the Wealthy" by Jim Rohn together. Dan Miller be sharing some key takeaways and ways we can apply these principles.

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