Eagles Monday Mentor Line Up

September 2022

Daniel Crandall

Daniel Crandall is a creative director and trainer. He helps people learn the skills and tools to create content and build a brand and strategic marketing plan, in order to speak with their audience through creative technology and a clear brand message.

Quiet Book Study

We'll be discussing the book Quiet by Susan Cain and how introverts can embrace their unique strengths, even in an extroverted world. Several Eagles will be sharing their takeaways and experiences.

High Performance Habits

In September, we'll be reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. This is the ninth book in our 2022 Eagles book study. Several Eagles will be joining Dan for this conversation.

October 2022

Jevonnah Ellison

Jevonnah Ellison is the Dean of Coaching for 48 Days Eagles. Her focus is pointing you in the right direction so that you can have a thriving, profitable coaching business and successfully thrive in ministry and the marketplace while keeping God first.

Gregory Gray

Gregory Gray is a high performance coach and the CEO of Gray Solutions, LLC. He and his team work to guide business owners to find their freedom from the chaos, overwhelm, and lack of direction that many experience.

Free to Focus

In October, we'll be reading Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt. This is the tenth book in our 2022 Eagles book study. Several Eagles will be joining Dan for this conversation.

Teresa McCloy

Teresa McCloy is a coach, speaker, podcaster, and accredited Enneagram professional. She loves helping people see the bigger picture and learn to feel fulfilled in all areas of life.  

All Access Call

During this All Access Call, you can join in the conversation to ask questions, share wins, and get feedback. We'll also be announcing the recipients of the Eagles Awards.

November 2022

Marianne Renner

Marianne Renner is our 48 Days Dean of Mindset, and a coach and speaker who helps business leaders become all they were meant to be in their businesses and lives. She will be sharing about her TED Talk, "Say Yes and You Might Win GOLD."

Daily Rituals

In November, we'll be reading Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. This is the eleventh book in our 2022 Eagles book study. Several Eagles will be joining Dan for this conversation.

Aaron Kerr

Aaron Kerr's biggest online success has been in publishing public domain content. He had a publication reach the overall #1 bestseller spot for Kindle and also teaches others how to make money in this business.

Victoria Mininger

Victoria Mininger runs a residential construction company and the slogan for her business is, “We build cool stuff, but more importantly we build people.” She'll be sharing about how she’s used her business to help others by investing in them.

December 2022

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the host and creator of the Read to Lead Podcast, a top-ranked business and career podcast that has featured a number of New York Times bestselling authors including John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Dan Miller, Daniel Pink, Simon Sinek, Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Liz Wiseman.

Jen McDonough

Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) works with high-stress organizations to cultivate resilient team members who can walk through any fire. She will be sharing about building your first speaking business on the side and how to make it work with a full time j.o.b., while raising a family and/or when you have a hundred other things going on.

Tools of Titans

In December, we'll be reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. This is the twelfth book in our 2022 Eagles book study. Several Eagles will be joining Dan for this conversation.

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