Are you one of the 55% of Americans who are actively looking to leave your job?

If so, you're part of a national phenomenon known as The Great Resignation

Let's unpack what that means and how to navigate it all to find or create work and a life you love



The pandemic has made so many of us wake up to the realities of our J.O.Bs and want more...

... more meaning and purpose in our work
 ... more time to enjoy family, friends and life
 ... more fulfillment in our work — something we are passionate about
 ... more opportunity to put our skills and abilities to use 

... more flexibility on where and when we work
This national phenomenon has been dubbed The Great Resignation. The media and water cooler talk can adequately describe what’s going on.
 But the big question is, How do we navigate it to find or create work (and a life) we love?
 Well, since this is my favorite topic, I’ve decided to host a webinar.

The Great Resignation: Your Opportunity to Find or Create Work That Is Meaningful, Purposeful and Profitable


In this webinar, we'll unpack things like:

The truth is, there’s never really a bad time to make a job change or start your own business as long as you determine what it is you really want and what is right for you and move toward that goal.

But we are living in a special time that gives you some unique opportunities. So let’s talk about how you can ACT NOW.


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