Are you ready for more?

Not more content, courses, videos, etc., but more connection and more opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people who are experiencing success but want to grow.

Introducing Eagles Elite


We aren't finished learning, growing and collaborating just because we've found or created work that we love.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who has built a successful business or a successful executive or professional who has found your sweet spot and is looking to go deeper, the Eagles Elite Group is for you.

What you'll get as a member of this Elite Community:

Weekly Gathering Calls

with a small group to help you lean in where you need it most to spur your growth and development.


A close-knit small online group of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals

that you can collaborate with, grow with and live life with.

Learn real-life lessons from authors, consultants, freelancers, speakers, and coaches

who built their businesses from the ground up via your full suite of Bizable TV. You can stream it anywhere, from any device.

Unique learning opportunities through Masterclass

an online platform through which you can access video lessons on a variety of topics. 

A unique opportunity to try a Virtual Assistant who can help you grow your business

by offloading tasks like Social Media, Administrative Tasks, Research and Data Entry, Podcast Editing and more.

A free ticket to BOTH of our 48 Days Eagles events each year

These one-day events will give you an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other Eagles and Elite Members as well as Dan Miller, and the Eagles Deans in person.

All this for $348/month

Plus These Great Bonuses:

• Access to all the bells and whistles of 48 Days Eagles Membership 

• A fun Eagles Elite Package of goodies, hand picked by Dan Miller

• Our flagship 48 Days courses: The Discovering You Course, The Find Your Focus Bundle, The 48 Days Online Seminar, and a free 48 Days Personality Profile

What we love about Eagles Elite is that the definition of "grow" may mean something different to each of us. Some want to grow their businesses. Others want to grow their impact. Others want to grow their family life.

But for all of us, we know that whatever kind of growth we have as our goal, it starts with us. Whether it's upper limit challenges, confidence, doubling down our zone of genius, we want to work on those things that may be holding us back and develop those areas that will help us soar.


We also know that we can't do it alone. We all need people around us who will be honest with us, cheer us on and help us look at things from a different angle. But not just anybody — people who are like-minded, who are where we are or who have been where we are.

This is the #1 reason we've formed Eagles Elite — to give YOU a small group of people to collaborate with regularly.


The 48 Days Eagles Elite Program is for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to scale and grow your business.

  • You are already successful, but you're wanting to dive deeper and continue your growth.

  • You want to grow your impact in the world.

  •  You want more for yourself and your family — not only work you love but a life you love. 



Check out the Eagles Elite Calendar/Curriculum and get a feel for the topics we cover on our Tuesday Gatherings.


We are thrilled you are interested in joining the new

Because Eagles Elite is specifically for people who are ready to take their business and life to the next level, we are asking for an application to ensure that Eagles Elite is for you. Please fill out the application below.