September 6-9

4 days packed with our Eagles' Favorite Monday Mentor Trainings



Your Sneak Peek Into the 48 Days Eagles Community

We are talking about giving you a "peek" into the Eagles Community by giving you access to some of our favorite Monday Mentor Trainings.

But we're calling it "peak week" instead of "peek week" because these Monday Mentor Trainings will help you soar above the mountain peaks.

We have an amazing week in store for you, starting September 6th. Here are just a few of the Eagles' All- time Favorite Monday Mentor Trainings we will be sharing with you FREE:

The Importance Of Mindset

With our Eagles Dean of Mindset Marianne Renner

Who Are You and Why Are You Here

With our Dean of Family and Relationships Ashley Logsdon

Building a Business with 15 Hours a Week

With 48 Days Eagles Founder Dan Miller

Stop Standing Still, Start Standing Out

With Jesse Cole, Founder of the Savannah Bananas & Author

Conquer Your Fear Instantly

With Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared

Three Figures in Three Hours

With Brian Dixon, Author of Start With Your People

Finding Your Zone of Genius

With 48 Days Eagles Founder Dan Miller

Magic of Thinking Big Book Study

Part of Eagles' monthly book study of 2022

And that's only half of them!

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but a full life you thrive in.

Doors open to new members September 6-13, 2022