Eagle's Nests

Small, focused groups can help you connect with other members in a key area of interest, get you on a clear path of what to do next, and be a catalyst for more connection and engagement in the larger community as well.

An "Eagle's Nest" is just that. A focused micro-group of Eagles who commit to a month-long dive into their topic of choice. 

These sessions meet 4 times, typically for an hour. 

Eagle's Nests are offered to active Eagles as part of their membership.

Here is our October Line-Up

  • Eagles 101 with Jordan Peterson
    If you’re new to the 48 Days Eagles Community or just want a refresher course on all the amazing resources you can find here and how to put those resources to work for you, then this is the Eagles Nest for you. 
  • Your Story, Your Brand: Is Your Message Working? with Dan Woerheide
    Can't seem to get your message across in your marketing and your website? Not sure where to start? In this nest, we're going to focus on how you can get clarity in your business and your message to create compelling copy for your website. This isn't just about copywriting - before you can write sales copy, you have to be clear on the message and story you're inviting your customers into. We'll cover the major elements of building your story and breaking it down into simple messages that make it easier to write for your marketing. In the next few weeks we'll work together to synthesize everything you want to talk about into clear, concise, and engaging marketing copy.
  • Mindset 2.0 with Marianne Renner
    Are fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs holding you back? If you’re ready to do some deep exploration and start a journey of transformation, this is the Eagles Nest for you. We’re going to do some work in this nest. So come ready to learn and implement tools to help you override old patterns and create new, empowering beliefs.
  • Intro to Selling on Amazon with Laurie Staz-Schelich
    This group will cover all of the aspects of getting started in selling on Amazon. We will talk about start up costs & requirements, tools used and ways to buy & sell. We will also take a tour of Seller Central, where your selling account is located.
  • Podcast Fast Blueprint with Erik Johnson
    You've been saying, “One day I'll launch my podcast.” One day is just a pipe dream unless you set a deadline and take action. Here is your chance to launch your show in 30 days. 
  • Basic Steps to a Professional Look on Video with Daniel Crandall
    Stand out AND look good for your next webinar or presentation! It doesn't take much (but it takes a little) effort to look great on your next call. And if you want people to care about your message, you need to care about how you present it. Learn basic tips and tricks of lighting and cameras - present the right look and feel, and simply look like a pro on video!
  • Writing Blogs or Books to Increase Your Success with Jennifer Harshman
    If you love to write or want to improve your writing skills, this Nest will help you make progress on your blog or book, even if you aren't fully clear on the main message or audience. We'll cover how to hone your skills to bring in and serve the audience you want, and you'll build two crucial habits that will serve you—and your writing—for life.
  • Thriving Artists with DJ Eshelman
    The “Starving Artist” is a modern-day creation that can be defeated with modern-day thinking! The world wants you to be a THRIVING Artist, and we’re going to discuss how you can get there, largely using “Real Artists Don’t Starve” by Jeff Goins as a guide!
  • Start And Grow Your Email List with Sheila Davis 
    For almost any business, an email list can be one of your biggest marketing assets. The key is to find the right people and serve them well, building a relationship of know, like and trust, which will lead to the next step - the purchase. In this Nest, we'll look at the systems you need to get started, developing a lead magnet/freebie, getting your freebie in front of the right audience, and nurturing your list 
  • Who Am I and Why Am I Here? (Looking Inward with DISC) With Ashley Logsdon
    If you’ve been following 48 Days for long, you’ve heard Dan say that “85% of the process of finding work you love is by looking inward first”. In this nest, DISC expert and relationships coach Ashley Logsdon will lead you through understanding the DISC personality styles - knowing the strengths, reactions, triggers and motivators for each style, and how knowing yourself first is key in your business- and life - success. In this group, we’ll cover communication tips, how knowing personality styles can help you to sell yourself and/or your product/service effectively, DISC Q&A as well as addressing how to utilize understanding personality styles in your business for more effective leadership, management, and service.

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To imagine what these groups can do for you, take a look at what Eagles have to say about them:

"Erik Johnson is one of the most inspiring podcasters out there. He makes the nuts and bolts of podcasting really fun! I also received another benefit from this nest that I totally was not expecting... I got to know Jon Sanders, another podcaster. He's become a great friend in a very short time. Even though I didn't see that one coming, it shouldn't have surprised me, since 48 Days Eagles is all about relationships with people."

Dean Showalter

"After the Who Are You and Why Are You Here DISC Eagles Nest, a takeaway I had was that I will be an excellent entrepreneur, not because of what type of behavioral profile I do or don't have but because of how I utilize my strengths. I also will have increased success by understanding my weaker areas and learning how to position processes and people to help me with those"

Mark Johnson

"Dan (Woerheide) offered one on one time to each of us. He helped me clarify my brand and to get over the fear of using my own name as my business name. As I followed his advice of being straight forward I increased my following due to the simplified messaging."

Noreen Hansen

"Sheila did an excellent job leading the List Building Nest - thorough, detailed and insightful Eagles Nest. Working through everyone's current work was a great way to learn via relevant materials!"

Ted Clayton

"In our writing nest, Jennifer provided an immense amount of support with offers to help us further our writing and entrepreneurial endeavors. Her challenges to write a specific amount every day and commit reach out to connect with others regularly were very helpful and prompted me to make it a habit. I've done my best to fulfill that commitment each day. Prior to the nest this may have been a "someday I will" proposition that never got put into practice."

Joanne Banko