Eagle's Nests

Small, focused groups can help you connect with other members in a key area of interest, get you on a clear path of what to do next, and be a catalyst for more connection and engagement in the larger community as well.

An "Eagle's Nest" is just that. A focused micro-group of Eagles who commit to a month-long dive into their topic of choice. 

These sessions meet 4 times, typically for an hour. 

Eagle's Nests are offered to active Eagles as part of their membership.

Here is our May 2021 Line-Up

The Purpose Mastermind Nest with Mark Delaney
Do you ever ask yourself, "Is this what I am supposed to be doing?" Do you ever feel like you have missed your chance at purpose? Or, do you feel like you are "missing it" with your life? This is for people that feel confused about answering the question of purpose. Mark Delaney will be taking people through the first part of his coaching program called The Purpose Mastermind. Through pictures, stories and group discussions, this group will discuss four common confusing mindsets that prevent people from living boldly. Although these mindsets seem right, they cause us to be timid in our decision making and prevent us from living our best life. 

Start And Grow Your Email List with Sheila Davis
For almost any business, an email list can be one of your biggest marketing assets. The key is to find the right people and serve them well, building a relationship of know, like and trust, which will lead to the next step - the purchase. Topics include:

  • Choosing the right systems (email provider, opt in software) Note: there are free options to get started
  • Developing a lead magnet/freebie
  • Getting your freebie in front of the right audience
  • Nurturing your list (welcome/nurture sequences and weekly content)

Your First Year of Podcasting - from the basics to audience growth and client attraction with Erik Johnson
We'll cover the basics to audience growth and client attraction. You'll learn how you can use your podcast to drive your business. We'll cover issues like:

  • How to define your ideal listener
  • Formatting your show
  • Creating great audio
  • Interviewing
  • Growing your audience
  • Crafting your call-to-action
  • Attracting your ideal clients

Your Business As Your Ministry (Business Mindset with a Ministry Heart) with Jon Sanders
So you have a heart for ministry, but you don't want to live like a pauper? Can you really mix ministry and business in a way that you are fulfilled and it's sustainable? Can you incorporate more of a business mindset into your ministry, or bring more ministry into your business? We believe you can have both, and, when you're loving what you do, your work truly can be your best ministry. As a pastor, Jon will walk you through how to keep God in your business without surviving on just beans and rice. 

Selling on Amazon with Laurie Staz-Schelich 
Is selling on Amazon a good idea? Is it a right fit for me? How does selling on Amazon work? How can I grow my Amazon business? If these questions have crossed your mind, this nest will bring you some answers. You will have a chance to look behind the scenes on what goes into starting an Amazon business, what to consider, and if this is a viable option for you. If you already started selling on Amazon, you will find some strategies on how to scale larger. E-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds every year and Amazon provides a selling platform for those interested in taking advantage of the huge growth happening in online sales. This nest will focus on the retail and online arbitrage business model.

  • Week #1 - The Pros, Cons & Start Up Costs
  • Week #2 - Sourcing Criteria & Tools
  • Week #3 - Seller Central Tour
  • Week #4 - Scaling Up

Who Am I and Why Am I Here? (Looking Inward with DISC) With Ashley Logsdon
Who am I? If you’ve been following 48 Days for long, you’ve heard Dan say that “85% of the process of finding work you love is by looking inward first”. In this nest, DISC expert and relationships coach Ashley Logsdon will lead you through understanding the DISC personality styles - knowing the strengths, reactions, triggers and motivators for each style, and how knowing yourself first is key in your business- and life - success. In this group, we’ll cover communication tips, how knowing personality styles can help you to sell yourself and/or your product/service effectively, DISC Q&A as well as addressing how to utilize understanding personality styles in your business for more effective leadership, management, and service.

Your Story, Your Brand: Is Your Message Working? with Dan Woerheide 
Can't seem to get your message across in your marketing and your website? Not sure where to start? In this nest, we're going to focus on how you can get clarity in your business and your message to create compelling copy for your website. This isn't just about copywriting - before you can write sales copy, you have to be clear on the message and story you're inviting your customers into. We'll cover the major elements of building your story and breaking it down into simple messages that make it easier to write for your marketing. In the next few weeks we'll work together to synthesize everything you want to talk about into clear, concise, and engaging marketing copy.

Eagles 101 with Jordan Peterson
If you’re new to the 48 Days Eagles Community or just want a refresher course on all the amazing resources you can find here and how to put those resources to work for you, then this is the Eagles Nest for you. Topics include:

  • Tapping In and Making Your Mark: How To Leverage the Top Resources In This Community
  • Starting Today (Mighty Networks 101)
  • Finding the Resources You Need To Fly (Eagles Flightpath and first step resources)
  • Taking a Deeper Dive Into Eagle’s Resources (48 Days Eagles University aka The Training Center)
  • Building Your Network
  • PLUS, we’ll answer your specific questions to help you on your flightpath.

Mindset 2.0! with Marianne Renner 
Are fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs holding you back? If you’re ready to do some deep exploration and start a journey of transformation, this is the Eagles Nest for you. We’re going to do some work in this nest. So come ready to learn and implement tools to help you override old patterns and create new, empowering beliefs.

  • Session #1 Create your vision: who is your ideal self
  • Session #2 Rewrite your limiting beliefs
  • Session #3 "As you Give:" Develop a consultant vs. employee mindset
  • Session #4: Surrender

"How To Present Well on Video!" with Daniel Crandall
It takes just a little effort to look great on your next call, webinar, interview or presentation. And if you want people to care about your message, you need to care about how you present it. Simple tricks of lighting, cameras, and personal behaviors that will make people stand (or sit) up and take notice!

  • Week 1 - Personal Brand Basics
  • Light & Camera Shortcuts
  • Audio & Video Audits 
  • Level up Q&A 

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To imagine what these groups can do for you, take a look at what Eagles have to say about them:

"Erik Johnson provided MASSIVE value in the "Attracting Your Ideal Clients with a Podcast" Eagles Nest! He is extremely knowledgeable and has great supporting resources that help beginners get started and intermediate podcasters go to the next level."


"The value behind Sheila's #ListBuilding course could not possibly have a pricetag. For the goals all of us Eagles have, this course is a must. From the content she provides to the conversation she facilitates, the course is value-packed. Everyone should take this course at least once, and then probably again."


"The Eagles Nest Clarity was spectacular! The assignments made me think more in-depth about my business, my ideal clients, and my services. This brought me the clarity needed to alter both my website and my services. "


"2021 is the year I draw a line in the sand. I will not move into 2022 with the limiting beliefs that have kept me from achieving all I desire for my personal and professional life. Marianne Renner's story, coaching, and encouragement have influenced the process of rewriting these negative mindsets into empowering beliefs."


"#EaglesNestPersonalities is about learning to love yourself and how to improve your communication with others. If you want to know what holds you back from a career you love then this class is for you! "