Eagle's Nests

Small, focused groups can help you connect with other members in a key area of interest, get you on a clear path of what to do next, and be a catalyst for more connection and engagement in the larger community as well.

An "Eagle's Nest" is just that. A focused micro-group of Eagles who commit to a month-long dive into their topic of choice. 

These sessions meet 4 times, typically for an hour. 

Eagle's Nests are offered to active Eagles as part of their membership.

Here is our May 2022 Line-Up

The Purpose Mastermind Nest with Mark Delaney
Do you ever ask yourself, "Is this what I am supposed to be doing?"
Do you ever feel like you have missed your chance at purpose? Or, do you feel like you are "missing it" with your life? This is for people that feel confused about answering the question of purpose. Mark Delaney will be taking people through the first part of his coaching program called The Purpose Mastermind. Through pictures, stories and group discussions, this group will discuss four common confusing mindsets that prevent people from living boldly. Although these mindsets seem right, they cause us to be timid in our decision making and prevent us from living our best life. 

Bootstrapping your Business Set Up
with Colleen Law
Bootstrapping business start-ups can be made easier by leveraging the many free tools available. This Eagles Nest looks at some of these free tools and helps you organize the tools into an easy system for starting your business.  
Marketing: From Product to Profits! with Sheila Davis
You’re really not in business until people buy your product or service. So let’s take a look at the 4 fundamental steps to marketing (The 4 Ps) to help you get your product or service to the right people.

Product: How does your product fit your customer needs? What are you going to sell? Who is it for? What features does it have? What problem does it solve?

Price: What is the value of your product?

Place: Where are your customers looking for your product and how will you get in front of your ideal customer?

Promotion: How can you differentiate from your competitors?

Creating Impact and Connection
 with Dan Woerheide
Do you struggle with identifying and drawing out the elements of your story? Want to learn how to leverage "story" to better connect with the people you serve?  Maybe you've got a story you know will make an impact if you could just get it out to the world? In this nest we'll work together to explore your stories as a group, to draw out your powerful story, and help you to create a strategy and action plan to connect more deeply and share your story confidently.  Be prepared to go deeper, explore more of what's possible, and to really be challenged. This is ideal for coaches, consultants and anyone who's working to develop a more powerful story, a more powerful mission and more clearly defining your ideal clients. 

How To Boost Your Income as a Facilitator with Marianne Renner
I’m giving you a peek behind the curtain of how I mastered the art and skill of facilitation, and why this skill is in huge demand right now. Learn the basics of becoming a sought-after group facilitator in your business or career.What we cover:

  • What is facilitation: how it differs from training, coaching, or keynote speaking. Why facilitation is in huge demand
  • Facilitation 101. Top 5 skill sets you need to develop.
  • Marketing yourself as a facilitator. How to maximize your marketing efforts with my “Reverse Funnel Marketing” strategy. 3 “P’s” to getting hired.
  • The foundation: mindset. Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. What’s got you stuck

Functional Education for Families: The World is Our School and Everyone Is Our Teacher with Ashley Logsdon
Have the past few years completely overwhelmed you when it comes to educating your children? Are you looking to connect with and engage your kids to foster a growth mindset of encouragement and connectivity? Just like Functional Medicine looks at mind, body and soul, "functional education" is a life-long learning approach that integrates total learning and communication. In this nest, the focus isn't on a perfect cookie cutter approach; it's looking at each individual family member and learning some valuable tips and insights to foster a positive learning environment regardless of where your children are getting their education. (Like it or not, you ARE teaching your children, even if you're not a homeschooling family). We'll cover the concepts of "deschooling" and "functional education", which are valuable for every family, plus we'll address the Socratic Method of learning and the needs/desires in your specific situation in a group coaching environment.

Your Business As Your Ministry (Business Mindset with a Ministry Heart) with Jon Sanders and Les Hughes
So you have a heart for ministry, but you don't want to live like a pauper? Can you really mix ministry and business in a way that you are fulfilled and it's sustainable? Can you incorporate more of a business mindset into your ministry or non-profit? We believe you can have both, and, when you're loving what you do, your work truly can be your best ministry. As pastors, Jon and Les will walk you through how you can be obedient to your ministry or non-profit calling AND be financially profitable as well.

Winning Leadership That Increased Your Influence 
with Quinn Harwood 
Are you a business owner, manager or do you influence and inspire people in life, leadership or business?  Winning Leadership that drives results coaches through the mindset of a Coach leader and how to establish principles, mindsets and Coach’s plays to deliver a championship performance.

Wellness 101 with Adrienne Davis
This nest is for those who have made a commitment to better health in 2022. We'll jump right in from the very get-go, with each session giving you practical tips and tools to optimize your health. We'll also be hands-on in this nest, so come prepared to actively engage each week. 

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We do these 4-week intensives quarterly, and the next round starts May 1st. Sign-ups end April 27th.

To imagine what these groups can do for you, take a look at what Eagles have to say about them:

"Erik Johnson provided MASSIVE value in the "Attracting Your Ideal Clients with a Podcast" Eagles Nest! He is extremely knowledgeable and has great supporting resources that help beginners get started and intermediate podcasters go to the next level."


"The "How To Present Well on Video!" nest with Daniel Crandell provided a wealth of information. We talked about how to stage our background, lighting, web cameras, video composition, and how to use these aspects to portray our brand. Daniel had ideas that were reasonably priced but gave comparable results to equipment the pros use. It was neat to see participants progress each week as they improved their backgrounds, lighting, and composition."


"It was very helpful for Colleen to share her experiences and actions she has taken. This helped to move the content from "theory" to "practice"."


"The Purpose Mastermind Eagle's Nest, as presented by Mark Delaney, was an open invitation to dialogue about discovering/rediscovering a personal sense of purpose and the pitfalls that keep us from moving forward. This was a very useful "nest" to take to heart and act on."


"Sheila Davis' Marketing: From Products to Profits Eagles Nests is terrific! It really helped me get the theory that was just outside my grasp into focus so I could use it!"