What if you could understand why you do what you do ...

What if you could choose a career or job based on your own personality style ...

What if you could connect on a deeper level with your loved ones?

You CAN!

Introducing DISCovering You: Moving From Communication To True Connection With Yourself and Others


As the daughter of Dan Miller, author of 48 Days To the Work and Life You Love, I grew up studying personality styles and how people connect.

My Dad always says that if people ask you more than three times for the same product, you should create it. So after years of coaching and helping people understand their personality styles and those of their loved ones, I have created this course.


What You'll Get:

What Motivates and Scares You & Them

Get an in-depth look at what motivates each of the four personality styles, what they are afraid of, and what may trigger reactions so you can connect with them on a deeper level.

Learn How To Thrive In Your Strengths

There are no good or bad personality styles,  but understanding the strengths that are uniquely yours can help you find the best place for you (at work and in life).

Get Communication Tips For Each Style

Whether it's communicating with a spouse/partner, your kids, team members or clients, these tips will help you, but first you have to understand your personality style and theirs.

This course includes 19 videos (each 10-15 minutes) in 4 modules, so you can absorb it in bites along with an in-depth workbook.


  • Dan Miller's Who Are You and Why Are You Here Audio Session
  • A discounted DISC Personality Assessment (regular price $28.50 - now just $10).
  • A Bonus Module based on different learning styles and how to encourage and motivate others

"So much value here! I'll be going back to these over and again!"

Scott Barreto
Pastor, Coach and Entrepreneur

"Thanks for doing the course Ashley, the Think anagram, and also learning how to work on relationships with others are good messages, especially when you realise, it is important not to always focus on yourself but be considerate of others. The characteristics for each letter on DISC and personality traits has also been very helpful for me processing/analysis of more suitable careers."

Cynthia Owusu-Manu
Business Administrator

"Ashley has such an amazing way of making what could be a difficult to understand subject easy to relate to. I love all the many applications I got from this course: business, professional, family and friends. I got my money's worth on the first day!"

Sheila Davis
Small Business Owner

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