Do you have dreams of making a living coaching people - in their careers, family, fitness, financial, health, and more?  

Do you have a passion that you share with everyone, and get a thrill with helping others find those "ah-ha" moments?

Dan Miller and his daughter Ashley equip you with the knowledge of what it takes for you to be a coach, how to create a business model, generate multiple streams of revenue, and truly know how to be a successful PAID coach. 



Here's What You'll Learn In
the Coaching With Excellence Course

How to know if coaching is right for you
How to know if you're ready to launch a new business
Can you make money coaching?
Setting up your coaching fees
How to set up a client information profile
Plus….a bonus: 60 day membership in the 48 Days Eagles Community


I talk a lot about the 10x factor.  If you take this online course and follow the recommended plan I fully expect you to get a 10x return on your investment in the first 60 days.


This course is divided into short, actionable segments designed to give you the essentials and get you up and running with your own coaching business.

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following then you are in a perfect position for this course:

  • People seek you out for your advice. Whether it’s after church, at a Chamber of Commerce meeting or at a social event, people are always asking for your advice and opinion.

  • You value personal growth. You set and accomplish your own goals in multiple areas of your life.

  • You see great potential in people. And it frustrates you when they don’t exercise that potential.

  • You build strong relationships easily. You relate well to others personally, in business and just in the ordinary encounters in life.

  • You don’t need anyone to motivate you or schedule your time. You exercise discipline in your own life and want others to know the freedom that comes from reaching new goals.

  • You recognize you’ve already been coaching – you just need a way to formalize what you’re already doing. Now you’re ready to schedule sessions and charge for your expertise.


Includes access to:

5 training videos 

Downloadable PDF guides

Downloadable audio

The Client Information Profile Dan uses

How to set up your coaching fees

PLUS: 60 Days of 48 Days Eagles Membership


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Success doesn't require that we're born in the right place, have the right IQ or have the right degree - but it does require that we take the right action.


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