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5 Days to a Raise

with Dan Miller

June 11-15, 2018

Career expert Dan Miller will show you how to get a raise in just five days in a private Facebook group.

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Is it possible to make more money in your current job?

You've listened to all of the podcasts and webinars telling you to start a new business if you really want to see your income grow. But let's face it. Getting a brand new business off the ground can come with many unexpected challenges.

What if you could start with your current job BEFORE deciding to pursue your side hustle? What if you could get a raise in just five days?

Through a series of short, daily challenges, career expert and bestselling author Dan Miller will help you do just that.

The Five Days to a Raise Challenge Group

Join us Monday, June 11th to Friday, June 15th as we walk through five daily challenges to help you increase your income at your current job. You'll receive the kickstart, encouragement, and support you need to finally take action. 

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