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DISC Certification


Certification in Behavioral Analysis can be the key to improving your company, corporation, church or coaching business.

You’ll be trained online by an expert in the field of human resource management who has trained thousands of individuals in the concepts of behavioral assessment so you can put the tools to work in your business to help with hiring, training and developing a company culture that will make the right employees want to stay.

The course is roughly 4 hours long, and is broken into 10-50 minute sections.  You can log in/log out as you please and go at your own pace.  You have up to a year to access the online portion, and the downloadable manuals you can save to your computer permanently. 

Includes 10 FREE Personality Profiles, the ability to customize your profiles, and more!


If your purchase before noon CT on Tuesday, June 6th, you’ll get a FREE LIVE Bonus Workshop, where my daughter Ashley Logsdon, our Chief Inspiration Officer, and Myhriah Young, our Director of First Impressions, will show you how to put the DISC Certification super tool  to work for your company, corporation, church, or coaching business to help you:

  • Develop effective leaders and managers.
  • Improve team dynamics, productivity, and overall organizational performance.
  • Build stronger customer relationships and increase sales success.
  • Foster a positive and inclusive work environment by embracing individual differences.

What People Are Saying:

I became fascinated with DISC profile system a couple of years ago when I took it for the first time as part of my own career coaching. Since then I did some self study and started coaching clients using DISC. I also taught DISC in a woman’s conference. I thought I knew so much already. I decided to get the 48 Days DISC Certification just to add more credential for my business. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! Long story short, I learned a very SIMPLE way to interpret the graphs. I feel so much more CONFIDENT about using this tool for individual coaching AND BUSINESS COACHING! I learned how to help businesses manage hiring, internal conflict, and team building using the DISC system. I plan to use it for my own staff management and extend it to help other dental offices create a more harmonious work environment. Besides, I spent less than 10 hours studying it at the comfort of my own home, at my own pace, paused and picked up any time!

Dr. Pei Kang

The 48 Days DISC Certification Program was even more in depth than I had hoped it would be. The depth of what they have to offer really allows for someone to work with that profile as a full time business. I loved it!!