The 48 Days Eagles Community has helped hundreds of people just like you find or create work they love

Here's what you get when you join 48 Days Eagles:

Dan is very active in the Online Mighty Network Community, answering questions, sharing ideas and offering feedback. It's like having your own mini-coaching session with Dan

Monday Mentor Trainings give you direct guidance from outside experts as well as other Eagles who have successfully applied these formulas. You can watch them live or catch them on replay. In fact, you have access to our full library of over 90 Monday Mentor Calls (with more added each week).

Experts like:

• Jim Cockrum - Selling on Amazon

• Pat Flynn - Superfans

• Jeff Goins - Real Artists Don't Starve

• Ruth Soukup - Do It Scared

• Patrick McGinnis - The 10% Entrepreneur

• Kris Kulver - Solopreneur

• Kevin Miller -The Zig Ziglar Podcast

and more!


In this private online community, you can ask questions, share ideas and celebrate wins. This is the heartbeat of this community. It's like having hundreds of coaches, mentors and supporters to share life with.

20+ digital resources, including how to start a business with 15 hours per week, Dan's "Who Are You and Why Are You Here" audio training, 48 Low or No Cost Business Ideas, Write To the Bank, Podcasting resources and more.


Our Eagles Advisory Board hosts Live Chat Office Hours in Mighty Networks each Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm CT so that you can ask your specific questions and get direct answers and guidance.

Our mentors each run successful businesses of their own and can offer guidance on mindset, marketing, productivity/time management, finding your passion and more.

All 48 Days Eagles have access to an exclusive Eagles Podcast so you can listen to Monday Mentor and other trainings while you're driving, working out or doing chores.

Get discounts on a variety of online courses and resources to help you zone in on your own business niche, including discounted coaching with Dan Miller and the 48 Days Personality Expert Ashley Logsdon, Mastermind Principles Masterclass, Coaching with Excellence and more.

Small, focused groups can help you connect with other members in a key area of interest, get you on a clear path of what to do next, and be a catalyst for more connection and engagement in the larger community as well.

An "Eagle's Nest" is just that. A focused micro-group of Eagles who commit to a month-long dive into their topic of choice. 

These sessions meet 4 times, typically for an hour. 

Eagle's Nests are offered to active Eagles as part of their membership four times a year.


Have a question? Want to share your idea for feedback? Just need someone to talk to? Our 48 Days Coaching Mastery Coaches are available from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday to answer your call. Yes, you can actually talk to a real person!

Dan Miller is leading a study of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill on the fourth Monday of each month, followed by group Office Hours to discuss direct applications in our daily lives.

You CAN find or create work 
(and a life) you love 

We believe that every person has unique talents and abilities that, when meshed with your values, dreams and passions can allow you to have a purpose, make a profit and love your life.

We have seen time and time again that if someone has the right idea, the right mindset and the right network, they can build a profitable business and a meaningful life at the same time.

You need a community full of like-minded people who are taking action and building their dreams, many of whom are just a few steps ahead of you and others who are “soaring” in their businesses who will answer your questions, bounce ideas with you and cheer you on.

What Our Eagles Have To Say:


If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following then you are in a perfect position to build your business and your life.

  • You are a self starter who makes things happen.

  • You desire to enjoy what you do. Monetary rewards just aren’t enough. You are looking for a sense of meaning and satisfaction.

  • You have a job but are looking to start something on the side

  • You think making a lot of money is an honorable and Godly endeavor.

  • You’ve been reading self-help books and listening to podcasts for 10 years.

You have put it off too long. Now is the time to find your true purpose.


Still have questions?

Our support team is here to help.


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